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Profil: Oscar

Profil: Oscar

Argentinske Oscar Barrios Torres startet å jobbe i Stavanger Tennisklubb 9. januar 2013. Her følger hans egen beretning om hans første tid i klubben.

Skrevet av Henning Frøystein den 20.03.2013

Stavanger, March 1st

Well, i have sat down to the computer to write, and I found it quite difficult to start with something in particular, because there are many sensations experienced in recent times.

But above all, I mean, Thanks..! for the confidence in me, for giving me the opportunity to continue to grow, to give me the freedom to work, without any restrictions, to letting me be part of a team involved with the work, by the affection I have received since I arrived.

Honestly, that day January 8th, while the flight came in, it was pretty quiet, but when the plane landed, I saw the airport with snow, completely overcast, almost ten degrees below zero, and I thought...I will have successful with this decision I have taken?

And a nearly two months of that day, today I can say with absolute sincerity that...Yes!, my expectation was high, but everything is better than I expected, for me is a very big challenge, and did not know if  would be live up to the expectation, to live in a society where everything works, where people are highly prepared and effective, for someone like me, who comes from a completely different world, is a huge challenge.

Since wield a racket for the first time, many years ago, I was always linked in Tennis, so I feel privileged, I was never a good player, in fact, I like to say that my colleagues were too good...hehe...

But I'm a Tennis lover, not just my job, it's understanding of live, with all that entails, effort, sacrifice, humility etc...and always Tennis has treated me very well, has given me the opportunity to travel a lot, live in different cultures, meet peoples, has given me the possibility to grow as a person, has given me solid values and all above, to have lifelong friends.

And today, Tennis brought me here, wonderful place, with a family atmosphere,  very important award to me, like a dream come true, I'm very happy here and hope to meet your expectations.

One more time, Tusen Takk,, I hope to learn Norsk as soon as possible, to make me feel closer to you. 



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