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Damer 2: Oppsummering 2012

Damer 2: Oppsummering 2012

Damelag 2 gikk ubeseiret gjennom sesongen og er klar for 1. divisjon neste år. Her følger lagkaptein Vibeke Sagvaags oppsummering av sesongen 2012.

Skrevet av Henning Frøystein den 25.09.2012

After another great year with lots of fun tennis, the season finally started. The team (I would not call us "the oldies", but I can admit that we are, in average, slightly older than the women´s first team) were prepped and ready, but due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances,  such as strike with the airport employees and technical problems with the plane to Bergen, we didn't not get to play any matches before the summer holiday. Therefore, we had a very busy August/September ahead of us. However, when the season finally started the team went from one victory to another and ended the season with no losses! 


Due to the fact that Luiza and myself suddenly expected three babies in total, the team was slightly amputated, and consisted of only four main players: Blanka, Rebecca, Katja and Lisa. Their efforts, game and attitude were absolutely amazing, even though they had to play tennis matches almost every weekend in August/September. As Blanka had a long awaited holiday in Spain during one of the matches and Lisa injured her hand at the end of one of the last matches, we also got fantastic help from Thea, Brit and Martina who were able to step in on very short notice.


The team has now topped up its reserves of self confidence and is eager, as never before, to start a new season of tennis so that we can have another killer team season next year - in the first division!!


A big thanks to all you girls who played the matches and made my job as team captain so enjoyable, and congratulations on the fabulous results :-)




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